Sun and Fun Pools takes great pride in not only our work, but in providing quality services QUICK! In order to do this we maintain our own equipment with a "top-notch" staff. Our experienced crew work fast and efficiently to make sure you get in your pool quickly, once your project is started.


Premier Inground Vinyl Pools

Sun and Fun Pools specializes in all forms of pools. We build fiberglass pools and premium quality vinyl liner pools. Our vinyl liner projects have allowed us to serve our customers with the ability to install fast and efficient vinyl liner pools. Below the many options of liners avialable for your pool, we are proud to share photos from a Sun and Fun Vinyl Liner installation project.

See the many premium liners and pool shapes available for your new Fort Wayne swimming pool!

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Polymer Walls & Braces

A wall of strength

Elite Pool Wall and Decking SystemThe wall panels and braces make up the primary components of the Elite Pool system. Made of structural polymer like that used in sports equipment and army tanks, the Elite wall panels have unrivaled strength. The design of the wall panels, in addition to the polymer material itself, also contributes to that durability. Vertical, horizontal and diagonal ribs are built into the back of each wall panel, and the Elite Pool has three times the ribbing compared with competitors' panels. Our pool system is engineered so that all the components fit together perfectly.

Braces for support

Supporting the panels and your decking are the braces — part of the patented Reliance® deck support system. Polymer braces are attached directly to the wall panels every three to six feet. When filled with concrete, these braces create a pillar support system similar to the kind used to support bridges. The braces ensure that your pool retains its shape and prevents your deck from settling.

Elite Structural Polymer Wall and Bracing SystemMore options for more fun

If you'd like a deeper shallow end in your pool, ask your Strong Support builder about our Xtreme 48" polymer wall panels. They're the perfect solution for more water depth in the shallow end and are great for sport or recreation pools.

Think about how your pool will be used. If you’re looking for fitness and exercise and have limited space, maybe a lap pool is just the ticket, or a 48″ deep sport pool.

If you want to use your pool as an entertainment centerpiece, maybe a larger rectangle or true-L shape will work best. Want to invoke a more natural scene in your yard? Go for a Lagoon, Mountain Lake, Riviera or San Luis Rey design. Take a look at the variety of standard shapes available from Fort Wayne Pools-or dream up your own-and then visit your local Strong Support dealer to turn your ideas into reality.

Check out our pool shapes by clicking on the images below.

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