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  • Built-in spa located at the shallow end next to entry steps and Fun Pad
  • Water cascades through Spa Spillovers to Pool and Fun Pad, providing a beautiful water feature
  • Large built-in Fun Pad provides the perfect playground for adults and children alike
  • Secondary bench area located at the deep end of the pool
  • Convenient entry and exit steps
Length Width Shallow Deep
40' 15' 6" 4'2" 6' 8"
35' 15' 6" 4'2" 6' 4"
30' 15' 6" 4'2" 6'1"
26' 13' 4'1" 5' 7"
23' 13' 4'1" 5' 5"


New Environmental Technology

Imagine Pools Color Range has also been designed with dramatically reduced VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions, providing up to 50% less VOC emissions than standard gelcoats making it better for the environment over traditional gelcoats used in composite fiberglass swimming pools.

If you’re looking for something a little bit special – then this is the color range for you! Each of these colors include a built-in sparkle and shimmer effect showing off an added brilliance and shine. In different lights your pool will look like it has millions of diamonds scattered over the pool surface.

Imagine Pools’ incorporates only the highest-grade raw materials into its gelcoat. As a result, Imagine Pools is able to offer you a 10-Year Surface warranty on the gelcoat of your new Imagine Pools swimming pool.

So, not only is the Imagine Color Range absolutely stunning, it also provides homeowners peace-of-mind, so they are able to relax and enjoy their pool for many years to come.

Ocean Blue

Reef Blue

Coral Blue

Storm Grey

Ice Silver

Volcanic Black

Beach Sand
Centurion Pro

Centurion Pro

Our Centurion Core provides you with complete peace of mind knowing you have the protection of a Lifetime Warranty.

A swimming pool is an excellent investment, adding value to your property and offering years of enjoyment for the entire family. It is important that you purchase a swimming pool that will provide years of trouble-free ownership. At Imagine Pools, we are focused on building a quality swimming pool to provide you with years of superior performance.

Each Imagine Pool is available in either our Standard Construction or our most recent advancement the Centurion Core Construction.

The Centurion Core Construction utilizes the best in resin technology through building all of the structural layers with full vinyl ester resin. Vinyl ester resin is a high performance resin providing improvements in strength, durability and water resistance.

Combining vinyl ester resin with our unique core construction process provides a swimming pool with improved structural strength and corrosion-resistant properties.

Pool Outlines

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